Agriculture fertilizer-based media for cultivation of marine microalgae destined for biodiesel production

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1 Green Biotechnology laboratoryMAScIR (Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation & Research), Madinat Al Irfane, Rabat, Morocco.

2 ICARDA (International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Area) Rabat Morocco

3 CBS Programm. UM6P University Benguerir Morocco

4 AgBS programm UM6P university jorf lasfar Morocco


In recent years, biodiesel from microalgae has received large interest around the world, as sustainable energy for biofuel production. Mineral fertilizers can be a promising source for the development of low cost culture media. We investigate the influence of fertilizer-based media: MAP, TSP, Phosphoric acid and Ammonitrate on cell viability, nutrients uptake, biomass, lipids production and lipids profile of 3 microalgae strains. The best biomass production was 2.105 g L-1, 1.95g.L-1 and 1.75g.L-1 for D. tertiolecta, Isochrysis sp.and Tetraselmis sp cultured in TSP, MAP and H3PO4(54%)based-media respectively, compared to control medium (1.85, 1.76 and 1.71 g L-1 respectively). Lipid content of all strains in fertilizer-based media was similar to control. The lipid profile showed that FAMEs of all microalgae underwent a significant reduction in PUFAs for fertilizers based-media, which improves the quality of biodiesel. Mineral fertilizers are a promising source that can be a low-cost microalgae production base at the industrial level.


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