The Relationship between quasi neo classical façade and Sustainable Architectural Principles to Optimize Energy Consumption (Case Study of Tehran Region1)

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1 energy

2 Department of Architectural Engineering, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University

3 Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


One of the main concerns of today's world is energy; therefore, a mission for experts is to try to optimize energy consumption and to make sustainable development happen.
The subject of the current study is the relationship between the today common architecture of Tehran's luxury buildings as quasi -neoclassical buildings with sustainable architectural goals. Therefore, in order to investigate the neoclassical views of the unrestricted statistical population in this research, neoclassical-style buildings of Tehran's region 1 have been selected.
The sampling method for this research is a probabilistic one. For this purpose, 5 out of 10 areas in Tehran’s region 1 were selected randomly and sample size was determined according to the assumptions of the research statistical model and the sampling size determination formula.
In this regard, three buildings with a quasi-neoclassical facade were randomly selected from each area.
As the samples were selected, the principles of sustainable architecture were identified and a table was provided for the buildings whereas each principle held 5 scores. On this basis, each of the pseudo-neoclassical buildings each building was scored according to sustainable architecture and finally all of the buildings were analyzed by description and results were driven.
The present research leads to finding answering to the following questions:
1. Do the prevailing quasi-neoclassical buildings in Tehran conform to the principles of sustainable architecture?
2. Does the prevailing architecture of northern parts of Tehran match the energy conservation laws?


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