Application of Benders decomposition in stochastic scheduling of thermal units with coordination of wind farm and energy storage system considering security constraint

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1 Electrical engineering Faculty, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran

2 Electrical engineering faculty, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran


Green electrical power resources, especially wind farms have ascending growth in power generation technologies. Although growing trend of wind farm penetration is beneficial from environmental view of point, wind speed uncertain nature and fluctuations threaten system reliability and security. Energy storage systems are good choices as backup for such systems with high volatility. The main concern of this paper is about solving stochastic security constraint unit commitment (SCUC) problem in presence of wind farms and storage systems and modelling of storage systems in Benders decomposition method. To achieve a robust solution, the SCUC problem is solved by a scenario based method in which benders cuts are generated to remove congestion from electrical power lines and check feasibility and optimality of the solution in all scenarios. To generate Benders cuts, security, feasibility and optimality sub-problems have been formulated and solved in an iterative structure. Wind power scenarios are generated by Monte Carlo sampling method and followed by a scenario reduction technique to reduce computation burden. Investigating the simulation results on a six-bus standard test system demonstrates economic advantages of the proposed method while power system technical and security constraints are satisfied


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