Reduce building energy loss with liquid thermal insulation containing nanoporous silica aerogels

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Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran



Excessive consumption of energy and the production of various pollutants in the last century has caused global warming. Also, due to the increase in fossil fuel prices in recent decades and non-renewable sources, the country's annual energy consumption has become a fundamental challenge for developing countries. In Iran, energy consumption in various sectors is several times higher than global consumption, and the -building sector has the highest energy consumption. In the building sector, despite the emphasis on insulation, traditional insulation is rarely used due to its problems. A new generation of water-based paints containing silica aerogels is thermal insulators that can be used in various parts of the buildings. These insulation paints with their unique properties are a good option for insulating buildings and preventing excessive energy loss. This research investigates the effect of these paints on energy loss at different thicknesses and environmental conditions.


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