Multi-layer energy management software base VBA for multi microgrid operation planning and cost analysis

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Electrical Engineering, Sari Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sari, Iran



Increasing the number of distributed generation resources in the form of microgrids, in addition to improving the technical conditions of these networks, causes many economic benefits to producers and consumers. Using a combination of several microgrids as a cluster of microgrids improves the mentioned advantages, however, the main problem is to find the best schedule for microgrids. In this paper, a software called MLEMS is proposed for the planning and cost analysis of multi-microgrid systems. This open-source software is based on the Visual Basic programming language, in the form of macro modules. By using GAMS and Matlab, in addition to the day-ahead scheduling of microgrid operation, the best solutions are also found to minimize the operation cost of multi-microgrid systems. Different parts of the software are provided in the form of modular layers to perform a better energy management system in which the user can enter the information for each microgrid separately. By designing the multi-microgrid system, modeling, optimization, and planning will be provided for any users in the software environment. A case study is performed to optimize the operating costs; using the proposed software for a multi-microgrid system and after several analyses, the best solution is given to the microgrid user. The Lindo solver has been presented the lowest solve time for the sample multi-microgrid system in the shortest solution time of 0.25 seconds. The cost of operating the sample system for a 24-hour has been calculated $ 520 by exposure to the operation plan in the MLEMS.


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