Techno-economic performance and feasibility of biomass energy system: Tunisian case study

Document Type : Original Article


1 University campus Kef Tunisia

2 University Tunis El Manar, Laboratory LAPER, 2092 Tunis, Tunisia


Rural electrification by the main grid entails large investments and losses. For this, the use of a decentralized energy system such as biomass is very interesting. The main objective of this article is to assess the technico-economic performance of the biomass energy electrical system designed for the electrification of a remote rural area by presenting a Tunisian residential case study located in a north-eastern region.Thus, a mathematical programming model was developed to determine the optimal radius to cultivate allowing the reduction of the cost of MWh allowing maximizing the profit index PI. The economic efficiency of the biomass energy system is proven by results under operating conditions specified in the study such as the number of consumers and the price of the biomass energy system indicated by Is. This preliminary study of the electrical consumption of a case study allowed us to highlight the influence of the quantity of electrical energy consumed as well as the specific investment on the profit index.


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