Wind farm incorporation in reliability assessment of power systems from the viewpoint of reactive power management

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1 Department of Power Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran

2 Faculty of electrical and computer engineering, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran


The development and utilization of wind power to meet the electrical demand has recently received significant consideration. Additionally, one of the substantial roles of transmission system operators is to balance reactive power within a network in the sense that with the development of wind energy, wind turbines are expected to contribute towards reactive power generation. So far, there is not a wide range of attention being paid to reactive power in reliability evaluation including wind farms contribution. In this article, wind farms with several identical wind turbines are incorporated in reliability assessment while considering reactive power shortage. Fuzzy C-Means clustering method is used for the output power of wind turbines for analyzing power system reliability with wind farms integration. The application of this concept has been also utilized in developing multistep load levels in the illustrated load buses. Reactive power deficiency and the relevant voltage violations caused by the failure of reactive power generations are studied in this article. Load shedding and power injection techniques are employed to determine possible reactive power shortage required for alleviating network violations with and without wind power integration. Composite system reliability analysis in the existence of wind farms is implemented to assess indices affiliated with curtailed energy at various load points. The RBTS 6-bus system has been proportionally modified and studied to demonstrate the procedure. The results indicate the importance of wind power integration in improving both active and reactive reliability indices which in turn provide system planners with long-range planning for system development.


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