Emission based economic dispatch in the context of energy hub concept considering tidal power plants

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Department of Electrical Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Energy hubs connect multi energy carriers at the input port to various loads at the output port. The present study investigates the optimal operation of the energy hub as a centralized unit. In this paper, the main objective function is exhibited by the minimization of the total operation cost subject to a set of constraints. The cost function comprises two parts, namely the different energy carriers cost and the production cost of the environmental pollutants caused by each carrier. The constraints involved in operation problem of the energy hub include power balance, limitations of energy storages and converters. Well-known Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) is used to tackle the proposed optimization model. Tidal power plant as a new renewable energy resource is also considered in the input port of the energy hub. In order to investigate the effectiveness of the model, the proposed model is examined on a test system. Considering the production cost of the environmental pollutants makes the problem to be more realistic. As a result, it is recommended to consider the emission cost in the energy hub operation problem.


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